Sunday, October 11, 2009

Member Review

Happy Sunday, Rats!

Just letting you know that Allysattic and I will be review members this week, and deciding on those we feel are not active within the team. Please don't worry, we don't plan on removing people who have made a point of telling us they have been busy or something similar, we are reviewing members who joined the team, but have made absolutely no contributions or efforts to be active within the team.

Those members will be contacted later this week, letting them know of their removal to the team. We want our team to be full of quality members who truly enjoy the team and what it does. It's not about having the largest team, it's about having fabulous members!

Check back tomorrow for Mosaic Monday & enjoy your Sunday!


  1. Letting you know....i've been busy doing craft fairs and will be for the rest of October. Will be more active as November rolls around...

  2. That will make hunting through the member list for cool stuff easier!

  3. Hope that doesn't include us! We love this team! :) Good idea though, it helps to have active members!
    Dil from MilandDil

  4. This is a great team to be involved in!
    I love it!

  5. I think that's a good thing for all concerned. Just so you know, however, I don't come up as GlassAli on comments here. But I have been commenting. I have a lot to say. :)

  6. I admit that I'm horrible when it comes to blog commenting, but I still do labs and have been pretty good about attending all (2) meetings. :)

    Jen S.
    Simply Inviting Cards

  7. Like I said, we understand that people have lives, we are certainly not removing a lot of people (those we have decided on are only mere handful of shops).

    If you DON'T hear from us, this is a good thing :)

  8. Please don't remove me!!!! Heheh....I'm in school again (growns) lol...but I do check up on the blog, and try to make labs when they're during 'non-school' time hehe :o)