Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wishlist Wednesday - Kelly from justbecreative

Hey everyone! Allysattic here with another great list of items from today's Wishlist Wednesday featured Lab Rats Member. Wow, that was a mouthfull.  :)

Today's great picks come from Kelly, who runs the shop justbecreative.

1. The first items on Kelly's list is this Oatmeal tweed cape by ileaiye. Kelly says that "This oatmeal tweed knitted cape is PERFECT for fall. I always get cold in meetings at work, and this stylish cape is perfect for this time of year in NM when it's chilly in the mornings."

2. Kelly's second list item is this great "clutch - wavy pleats - burnt orange" clutch by yorktownroad. "This gorgeous pleated clutch is the perfect shade of burnt orange, my favorite color! This little guy could have a million and one uses, but a night one the town and having a place for my cellphone and lipgloss sounds pretty darn good to me about now."

3. The third item on the list is by SaraLananCollection, and is titled "Golden Applique Necklace". Kelly things that "If you want to make a statement that is elegant, yet fun and flirty...this is your perfect accessory." And I wholeheartedly agree!  :)

4. This "Black Widow FREE SHIPPING Victorian Noir Organza and Satin Flower Bracelet" from vividcolors comes in at number four on Kelly's list. She says that "I'm way past prom-age, but this elegant little bracelet reminds me of my corsage from Senior year but way cooler than 1989..."

5. The last item for this Wishlist Wednesday is this "Fanny in Grey Suede Leather" by StudioOneDesigns. "SHUT UP! I found the most gorgeous bag! And I have the perfect gray suede boots to match!"

Thank you Kelly, for being today's Wishlist Wednesday person!

And to round it all off, if I was putting together a wishlist, I would add Kelly's "Natural Aquamarine" bracelet:

Have a great humpday everyone!


  1. Thanks Allysattic for the opportunity to put this wishlist together! I had so much fun! I love fall fashion and shopping on ETSY is way better than going to the mall!

  2. Great wishlist Kelly! You have great taste!

  3. Love your picks!!!!!


  4. You've got a wicked sense of style. Great picks!

  5. I agree! It was fun to read.
    All very cute items.
    Dil from MilandDil

  6. I am in love with that clutch! Blazing!

  7. Great picks ... love the cape!

  8. LOVE that clutch! And I'd love to get something like that corsage bracelet when prom time rolls around. So stylish!