Thursday, October 22, 2009

SimplyInvitingCards' Holiday Chaaalleennnge!

Hey rats! Fall is in full swing, and the holidays are peeking around the corner. It's the perfect time for a little friendly competiton for a fantastic prize.

What is the theme?
Glistening Snow and Mistletoe!

How do I enter?
1). Create an item that best fits with the theme, Glistening Snow and mistletoe. ANY item can be entered, so long as it fits the description of the theme. It must be a NEW creation, not something pre-exisiting.

2). List that item on Etsy, and it MUST be tagged with "labratsteam". If you have a flickr account, upload it to the team's group (this is optional)!

3). Copy and paste the link into the comment section of THIS blog entry and this blog entry only. You may only enter once, with ONE item - so make it a doozy. :-P

Who is judging?
itsastitch, Allysattic and SimplyInvitingCards (since she picked the theme). The next time we do this (which will be next summer), another member will be choosen to pick a theme and judge with us.

What are we looking for?
- GREAT photos.
- Fits with the theme.
- Creativity.
- A thorough, well done description.

How long do I have to enter?
Contest starts today and runs for a month, ending on SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 22nd. That means the last day to enter will be SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 21st.

How will we score/pick the winner?
With a scale of 1-5 for each category, 1 being worst, 5 being the best. We will look at each entry in a private chat room, and score, picking a top 5 from the entries and announcing them on WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 25th. Once the top 5 are announced, we will create a poll for you  to vote on. If you happen to make it into the top 5, you may invite anyone and everyone you know to vote on it, you DO NOT have to be a member to vote. The poll will be up for ONE WEEK, ending TUESDAY, DECEMBER 1st at 11:59pm EST.

Ok ok ok, but what is the prize?!
Well, the winner's item will receive a 4-day long promotion on on the scrolling bar at the top, paid for by me, Allysattic and SimplyInvitingCards! It will run the very first avaliable 4 day span on craftcult, and we will notify the winner of those days.

But what if my item sells?
Well first, yay sales! But secondly, the item can remain in the contest, and should it win, an item of your choosing can be used in place of the item that won for your ad.

Best of luck, rats. Can't wait to see your entries!

On your mark, get set - CRAFT!


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  2. Oh wow! so excited :) I LOVE any opportunity to make something really really special and sparkly - I have marked my calendar and I will be entering!!!!! Go LABRATS!!!!


  3. Beadznbling's Entry

  4. very excited to start crafting for this! I will enter for sure!

  5. Oooh, I'm up for a challenge! I'll start plotting, er I mean planning my creation now!

  6. Oh man, this is exciting! Looks like I will be haeding to the fabric store today. =]

  7. spookychandelier/itsastitch's entry!

  8. Here is my entry! I hope it still counts, it sold a few hours after I listed it! :O :)

    I had this sweater sitting around to be repurposed into something. When I saw the challenge it lit a fire under my... um... Self to do something with it! :D

    Thanks for the motivation! I'm off to find more sweaters!


  9. Here's my entry;

  10. Here's my entry
    We have alot of really cute entries already! I can't wait to see more!

  11. an ocasiocasa entry!
    This was fun; thanks for the challenge:)
    now off to post it on flickr...

  12. Lolita in a Kitten Hat-she's out in the glistening snow!

  13. Ok here is my entry!!!


  14. Here is mine!


  15. Here is my Merry Christmas Winter Mistletoe hand decorated photo mat board!

    Thanks for having this contest!


  16. Alright, got mine finished! I'm so excited about this contest! =]


  17. I didn't finish mine in time :( Was way too busy (and stressed!) these last couple weeks. I hope we have another challenge soon :D

    BTW, love all the entries!

  18. I thought TODAY was the last day :P O, well! I made an entry anyway... I am really sorry I didn't get it in yesterday :( Bummer.