Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wishlist Wednesday: Hollie of blueberryshoes

Hi there everyone! I'm super excited to show you my picks! Right now I'm going through a serious leopard print phase, which I have a feeling will never die out. I'm also loving the 80's more than ever, as well as all the knit lovelies I've been seeing all over Etsy. Let's get this party started!!

1- 80s Vintage Designer Casadei Leopard Print Leather Stiletto Pump 7 - by Emeraldlove

These babies scream "I'M SEXY! MAYBE TOO SEXY FOR YOU", do they not?! I love how this pair would go with just about any dress, mini skirt, or romper you've got in your closet. We love versatile, don't we girls? They have the perfect height that I look for in a great heel-and are in tip top shape. Emeraldlove is a new shop, with not one sale! It is an all stilleto store, just begging for a sale! Now where is that $75 I lost...

2- COLOUR-ZIP STATEMENT NECKLACE by theriveriseverywhere

As soon as I saw this necklace I got a lil' weak in the knees. I'm a sucker for BRIGHT colors, and the mix of raw/edgy with the super-soft just caught my attention instantly. I see this necklace as more of an art piece than anything! I would be awesome to buy this. Actually we would ALL be awesome if we bought this. Bib and statement necklaces are huge these days in the world of high fashion, so this baby is on my NEED and WANT list, big time.

3- 1940s Inspired Vintage Dress Floral Peplum Ruffle S - by tialeyvintage

Dear God, I love ruffled peplum ANYTHING. If you give me peplum on a dress, I will grovel. This dress is so perfect to me, that it kind of brings a tear to my eye. The color scheme-oh so Molly Ringwald, and the fit: DIVINE. Loving the model, and the style of the shot as well. I would buy this in a heartbeat if it fit more than one of my legs.

4- Dylan - Feather and Chain Necklace - by NOEMIAH

First of all, I'm sorry to be posting another necklace, but necklaces are my "thing" and I can never have enough of them. Plus, I must say I have many different styles that need tending to. This one tends to the soft, medieval maiden side-where whimsy and a certain je nais se qua are key. This necklace says, "I don't care, but I really, really do". Plus I love the shot, with the kitty! VERY nice.

5- Knittles Wooly Helm - Knit Armor Collection - by knittles

Okay, so I live in Florida. So what! I can still pretend that I'll ever get a chance to wear this perfect winter piece! You can't get anymore awesome than this. I ADORE the fit, the color, the texture and the button. You know how sometimes when you put a winter hat on you feel insecure and rather ridiculous? Not with this helm! You'll be looking for opportunities to wear it out, and prove how awesome your taste is!

Well, it's been fun and I truly enjoyed pretending to shop with you. Hope to do it again soon! Hugs!! Hollie

P.S. Let's be twitter friends!

And I will leave you with my favorite item from blueberryshoes' shop!


  1. Tialey has some of the best modeling shots around! Cuuuute dress!

  2. I am lovin' the green knitted goodies :)

  3. great finds! I love the leopard print shoes :)

  4. the "knit armor" collection is hilarious!

  5. Nice finds! I'll take one of each please, haha :)

  6. That statement necklace is 2 die 4!! Lovely wishlist. I think I'm gonna do some holiday shopping....

    (and Thanks Zwzzy!)