Monday, October 26, 2009

Mosaic Monday: All Hallowes Eve

Only a few days until Halloween - hope everyone is ready for a night of tricks and treats! Here are some wonderful Halloween items from some rat's shops.

1). Origami Sea Urchin by SleipnirDesigns
2). Black, Grey and Plum Stitch Markers by Cantrix
3). My Little Pumpkin by Paperbullet
4). Creamsicle Heels from verabelle
5). The Rabbit Illustration by imfromthewoods
6). Black Leatherette Hemp Bracelet by Katiesbasement
7). Witch Hats Set of 3 by seventytwostitches
8). Sun Kissed Conch by 1022SeaShellAveo

Happy Halloween, Rats! Feel free to post a Halloween item from your shop in the comments :-D


  1. Those witch hats make me smile every time. I love this whole collection! Well done.

  2. I remember some of these! What a great selection! :)

  3. I love those shoes! Great collection.

    We have a couple Halloween bracelets that will spice up any outfit.

    Spooky button bracelet:

    Pumpkin patch button bracelet:

    Hope everyone is enjoying the Fall colors!

  4. Here is my halloween item! I made it as an entry in sarahsupplies paper goods contest. She sent everyone circle and scallop punches and we all made different items! You can check them out on her facebook and vote in her poll!

    Look for the contest photo album at

  5. Fun picks! Love the pouty bunny illustration.

  6. What a fun group of items! Love the origami and rabbit illustration. Thanks for including the vintage shoes from Verabelle - they do look very witchie... well, modern witch! :)

  7. Happy Halloween everyone! Thank You for including my Sun Kissed Conch among these treasures. May November bring us all tons of sales :)