Friday, October 9, 2009

Feature Friday - Rose from SevenSails

Good morning everybody! Or afternoon, or evening, or whatever time of the day it is when you a reading this. :)

Today's fabulous Feature Friday person is Rose from SevenSails.

Rose writes that: "I live in SE MI by Lake Erie. I have spent many hours in, on and by the lake. That is where my shop name originates. I learned to knit as a child. Over the years I have made numerous items. Afghans,scarves,socks... all make great gifts. Last year I gave one of my scarves as a hostess gift. She loved it so much that she encouraged me to make and sell them. So last winter I made a boatload of scarves. Having heard of Etsy on the Today Show, I opened my shop in August. Since then I have been expanding my product lines. Knitting and learning all about the many facets of Etsy consumes most of my time. However, I do get out for a round of golf or a bike ride. My flower beds take up a lot of my time. Right now I'm trying to get back into pilates."

Rose finds "inspiration everywhere. I love looking at yarns and patterns. For the first time I am looking at photos from the Fall 2009 runway shows to see what"s "hot". I'm also creating more of my own patterns. I'm finding that to be a real growth experience."

In her spare time, Rose likes to read Barbara Kingsolver, Bill Bryson and Margaret Truman, who are a few of her favorite authors. She also likes "most movies but love suspense. "Mercy" and "The Good Wife" are already favorites on TV. I love listening to PBS on Sat. mornings. They have a great line up of shows."

Rose writes that "I'm finding Etsy to be such a great place to sell my things. The support and encouragement are amazing. I love the virtual labs. I can even knit while being there. I like the more educational labs best. I would like to see a library of videos to answer all those handbook questions."

In terms of networking and getting started selling online, Rose says that "I'm finding craftgawker to be good at increasing views. Since I'm still waiting for my first sale and am quite a newbie, I can't say what has been successful. I am trying lots of ways to market my shop."

I'm happy to mention that Rose can no longer say that she has had no sales! She made her first sale yesterday! It must have been yesterday later-afternoon or evening, because Rose sent me her Feature Friday question answers at about 1:00 pm (MST) yesterday. Congratulations Rose!


  1. Hi Rose ... great feature! Good luck with your Etsy shop.

  2. Hi Rose, I had my first sale this week too (creationsbyeileen). I love Bill Bryson. His book about Australia is great. Good Luck!

  3. Hey, fellow Michigander! What a nice feature on you! I'm a big Barbara Kingsolver fan as well. Much luck with your shop!

  4. Congratulations Rose!!!! I love all your knits :)

  5. Congrats on your first sale! Its a WONDERFUL feeling and even though all sales you make after this first one will feel great, its never like that first one! :) So enjoy and good luck with your shop! You make cute things.

    Dil from MilandDil

  6. Yay Rose! Great to get to know you a bit!

  7. Congrats Rose that is awesome and nice to get to know you a little more!!

    i got my first feature today on an etsy gift guide

    Morgan/Sweets N Stuff