Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wishlist Wednesday: Fresh Picks from ZidishaLuxe

It's Wednesday, which means our next installment of Wishlist Wednesday is up! This time around, miss ZidishaLuxe was picked, at random, to select five of her absolute favorite, would buy them in a heartbeat if she could items from Etsy. Her picks:

1). Although ZidishLuxe couldn't think of a place or event to wear the Pink Pod Convertable Tulip Dress by attiladesign, she'd buy this simply gorgeous piece without a second thought!

2) Having a soft spot for vintage boots, these Oxford Equestrian Ankle Boots from MissKittenVintage, ZidishaLuxe just loves these way cute shoes. Looks like someone else loved them, too. Sold out!

3) ZidishaLuxe loves this Technicolor Romper by ruffeoheartslilsnoty, calling it oh so fly.

4) PonderandStitch's adorable Postcard Sentiment Cuff is one of ZidishLuxe's favorite finds on Etsy, saying that the connection the words have spans over time.

5) And finally, this pick comes from our very own WorksInProgress, her sea. love. ring that ZidishaLuxe calls, "perfect for her". Between Zidisha's love of Poe and this song, it had to be in her top five.

So ends another Wishlist Wednesday. Thanks to ZidishaLuxe for her beautiful picks, I'll leave you with an item I love from Zidisha's shop!


  1. Great picks! They really give a sense of ZidishaLuxe and her personality. I love that about Etsy.

  2. love all the pics, great job ZidishaLuxe :)

  3. Amazing items...I can see why they were picked!

  4. Wow! Such a surprise to be included here :) Thanks ZidishaLuxe! P.S. I totally love PonderandStitch too! :)


  5. I agree Alison...I love that wishlist Wednesdays allows us to peek into someone else's world and gives us a better sense of their personality! Its fun to see what other people love about Etsy...I bet its ultimately hard to just pick 5 items!! :)

    Dil from MilandDil

  6. Great picks! Love the ring, it should definitely be worn with the pink dress.