Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Member Critiques

Hello all. Allysattic here. Today in the lab with Danielle, she told us about a new thing she is starting - basically, you sign up to give a shop critique to someone, and in return, your shop gets critiqued by another member of Etsy.

Here is the link to get in line:



  1. I wasn't able to get the link to work.... Did it already fill up?


  2. It does look like the form is closed at the moment. I (Allysattic) will monitor it and keep everyone posted if it opens back up.

  3. boo. I was so excited but link won't work for me either

  4. I would have signed up too, but it looks like it's still closed. Maybe here in the Lab Rats team we can do something similar and pick a member to have a weekly critique...kind of like mosaic Mondays, Wishlist Wednesdays...maybe shop critique Saturdays? or any other day! :)

    We could have a little blip about the shop with a link to it and a few pictures and then in the comments people could make helpful and constructive critiques until the next week when another shop is picked!

    That would be cool!
    Just a thought!
    Dil from MilandDil

  5. I just tried, too, and I thought maybe I was too late. Hmm. Hopefully it can get worked out!

  6. OOoooo... I like how you think MilandDil! I think that would be so much fun! They could be picked at random and we can check out thier shops and comment on ideas! Eventually we would all get a turn!