Monday, September 14, 2009

Mosaic Monday: It IS Easy Being Green

Some lovely green items to feast your eyeballs upon.

1). Irish Plaid Large Journal by nightowlcraftworks
2). Forest Keepsake Print by jellybeans
3). Green Flower Button Earrings by HappyBead
4). Liz Claiborne Silk Shirtwaist Dress from AgelessThings
5). Wow - Orig. Watercolor Painting by Squier
6). Mini Handbag by SmallbagBigheart
7). Jade Aventurine Glass Beads from texasbeads
8). Set of Two Bigfoot Pillows by Pixelknit

Great stuff, everyone!


  1. Thanks for the spot! What an awesome collection. It's so cool to recognize so many sellers in one place. Probably see you all in the labs this week ;) Great work everyone!

  2. Very soothing! You two are doing such a fantastic job - THANK YOU!

  3. Beautiful! Great eye! Love the Forest Keepsake print and Mini bag. Thanks Karen

  4. Wow! How cool is it that I'm included in Mosaic Monday! Love the collection of picks. --Rita

  5. I love the greens. Especially when everything around here is turning other shades. Plus, I'm quite the fan of anything sasquatch-y.