Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wishlist Wednesday - Chu-mei of SmallbagBigHeart

Good morning everyone - time for another great Wishlist Wednesday. This week's wishlist was put together by Chu-mei of SmallbagBigHeart.

Chu-mei's first wishlist item is the "Garden of Joy Olivine Bracelet" by ellejewels. Chu-mei says that she adores all the jewelry ellejewels has made, especially the bracelet with branches. "I'm so in love with it. It's such a simple design but so elegant. I would buy all the bracelets in different colors!"

Chu-mei's second item is this cute little "Mrrgluglg Custom Handmade Murloc Tadpole" by lulahoops. She writes that "Being a World of Warcraft fan and having spent lots of time in front of the computer playing the game, this little knitted toy is a must have. Anyone who has played World of Warcraft will know Murlocs are such annoying creatures, making lots of funny sounds but this knitted toy is just so cute, it makes me want to hug a Murloc!"

Taking it back to the jewelry side of the aisle, Chu-mei chose "Little Scallop Bird Earrings" by Joannarutter as her third wishlist item. Chu-mei "found this seller from Etsy's featured sellers section a few days ago and oh my god, aren't these bird earrings sweet? It will definitely be on my Christmas wishing list! Must make sure the boyfriend knows about that! ;)"

 The fourth item on the list is this beautiful garden titled "The Secret Garden Moss Terrarium Globe" by doodlebirdie. Chu-mei writes that "Living in London, I need some greenery, peace and some space!! This mini garden would be perfect for my imaginary walk in the forest! Also, moss doesn't die that easily, does it?"

The fifth and final wishlist item is a great ring by FancifulForm. This "Custom Rose Ring, Any color" was found by Chu-mei on the "Quit Your Day Job" series on Etsy. This ring by FancifulForm caught Chu-mei's eye because "It's neat, pure and simple! :) Most important thing is she plays World of Warcraft too and said in her QYDJ interview."

Have a great Wednesday everyone. :)


  1. FancifulForm's rings are soooo awesome. I won one of her giveaways a few months ago and got 3 rings out of it - I wear them ALL the time!

    And Joannarutter has been in my faves for as long as I can remember. I would buy her out of stock if I could afford it.

    Great picks!

  2. Great wishlist items! I also have the bird earrings on my dream list! So simple and cute!

  3. Fabulous finds! I love the inspired by nature bracelet.

  4. I agree Rita! That bracelet is very nice...something so calming about it and yet elegant.

    Great picks!
    Dil from MilandDil

  5. I love those terrariums - they are soooooo adorable! I have actually been looking at getting one for myself!


  6. Great Picks! How fun!