Saturday, November 6, 2010

November Treasury Challenge

Snow Candy Wrist Cuff from Waterrose

Ahh, November. Halloween has passed and stores are now playing holiday music. The retail world has its eye on the holiday gift buying season and so should we! That's why for this month's treasury challenge, we want you to make your best gift guides. Make one for the man in your life or the girl who has everything. Make one for the crazy cat lady next door. Whatever it is, we want to see it. Here are the rules:

  1. Use at least 8 Lab Rat members. You can use our members list in the sidebar.
  2. Include "Treasury Challenge" in the title of your treasury
  3. Tag your treasury with "labratsteam"
  4. Tag your treasury with "labratchallenge"
  5. Tag your treasury with "gift guide"
  6. Link back to this post to encourage others to participate
  7. Leave a comment on this post with a link to your treasury for official entry
  8. Promote! 
This month your judges will be Sara from BySaraLynn and Karen from AuntKarensCreations. Get your entries in by the 12th and our judges will pick the finalists for your vote. Popular vote winner gets to be features in our Rat Spotlight! A few extra tips to make your treasury front page friendly - include a variety of items with a range of prices, don't include yourself, tag your treasuries, and keep in mind this month's merchandising notes. Head to the Treasury to get started or read up on how to make a treasury first. Either way - make the Lab Rats proud. 

P.S. Don't forget about our upcoming Holiday Show Nov 30th and Dec 1st. Sign up using the link in the sidebar.


  1. Done!

  2. Holiday Warmth

  3. My entry:

  4. Was there a deadline?

    I'm currently in the hospital trying to get back pain under control so I can get on with my creating. I've missed 2 weeks already *sigh*

    Thanks! Betty - PrimitiveCookieHugs

  5. Oh Gosh PrimitiveCookieHugs! Sure hope you are feeling better soon!

    Will you be out before the 12th? That's this Friday!

  6. Holiday Hoopla

    Happy Shopping : )

  7. Okay folks! A year+ on Etsy and I have finally made my first treasury. It is top to bottom filled with LabRats, woohoo!


    my entry

  9. Gotta GET started on this! Go Team rahh rah rah

  10. Just finished for the Christmas Party Girl

  11. Just finished my treasury for the labrats November challenge. Take a look and enjoy.

    Thank you,

  12. This is my treasury - Gifts On A Budget (under 50$)

  13. Deck the Halls

  14. Hope I am not to late. A Blue Christmas Gift Guide