Monday, November 1, 2010

Secret Santa is coming to a Shop near you!

Shhhhhh..... Secret Santa's Coming!

This is just a quick note for all Lab Rats.... Secret Santa is lurking around every corner!  You may apply to become and be visited by Santa.  You can convo either AuntKarensCreations or GrayFlannelDesigns.  You will get the name of your Secret recipient on Nov 5th. With your Secret's Information.

This is an edit:   those who  posted their names here on the blog will be getting a convo confirming questions.  We need EVERYONE to please convo either Aunt Karen or Gray Flannel...we want to keep addresses private and Convos seem the most secret way.

If you would: please answer these 4 questions in your convo:

1.  What is your favorite color?
2.  Do you have any allergies?
3.  May we use your favorites as a guide for gift giving?
4.  Your physical address.

again.. please do this in a convo to either AuntKarensCreations or GrayFlannelDesign.

A limit of $20 has been set and does not including shipping costs.   The reason for the short assignment time is so that our members dealing with gifts from outside the US will have time to ship and receive their gifts in time for Christmas.  Shipment by December 1st is urged especially for any out of country gifts.

Ho Ho Ho!!!!  It's gonna be a Merrrrry Christmas!


  1. Sign me up for Secret Santa too! :)

  2. Before any more post to be included.. please use the Etsy Convo system.. there are questions that we feel sure you would not like to answer in a blog post. If you have other comments, however please feel free to post them here!