Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Life of an Item with BlueberryShoes

The Empress Headband

The ribbon is actually vintage and I found it at my favorite thrift shop up north in Minnesota. That's basically where I buy all of my supplies. They're vintage and never picked over. Perfection, really. When I find ribbon, I automatically put it up to my head, just like it sits in the picture. I see if it looks pretty as a head piece. If it does, it's a must have.

I made the basic headband part late one night (couldn't sleep and the vision of it moved me to get up and get to work). Then when I put it around my head I automatically thought of the Empress from Neverending Story. She's one of my favorite fantasy characters of all time, and I was stoked to pay my homage to her. The pearls really added some mystery and femininity.

It was a very fun piece to make and felt SO right when it was finished. Taking the pics for the listing photos was also a cool experience. I have a fascination with snow queens, and that's also a big part of the piece. Starkness that could almost give you a chill. That's what I wanted the photos to get across.


  1. You carry your inspiration around with you. You always know it's right when you bump into it. Beautiful beautiful head piece!