Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Life of an Item with GrayFlannelDesign

Hello everyone! I’m Lori and my Etsy shop is Gray Flannel Design. I’ve been involved in all sorts of arts and crafts since I was little, and love vintage, so you never know what you might find in my shop.

Up until now, I’ve had mostly jewelry available, but will be listing more things soon.
I design all the jewelry myself, combining new beads and findings along with new-old stock vintage beads. Most of my designs are based on what I find. I search high and low, at stores, on the internet, flea markets, garage sales, attics, from friends, all sorts of places. One thing I always try to use are things that are unique or have character.

I’m always on the lookout for supplies and have boxes and boxes of stuff to use.
So many choices can make it difficult to choose, so I usually just go with my gut and use whatever is inspiring me at that particular moment.

One of my favorite things in my shop would have to be the earrings I designed with my Mom in mind. She has an emerald necklace that belonged to my grandmother that she was looking for a pair of earrings to go with, so gave them to her as a gift Mother’s Day. She loves them, not only because I made them, but because they’re a pretty simple design, so she wear them everyday or for a special occasion.

They’re made from new-old stock vintage beads with new sterling silver findings and they’ve been one of the best sellers. Since they’re made from vintage beads, I have only a few sets of beads available, which make them pretty much one of a kind.


  1. Lori what a great way to create! Melding the old and new must be truly fun. Your mom is lucky to have such a talented daughter :-)

  2. And also thanks to Rose for letting me share with the lab!

  3. I love wearing things that have meaning; a story behind them. I have a gorgeous emerald teardrop necklace that belonged to my aunt (who has since passed away) and I always feel a bit connected to her and to her memory when I wear it.

    These earrings are lovely. Thanks for sharing your story :)