Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Treating Each Other With Respect In The Virtual Labs Part II

Now that we know how the room works there's fun to be had and information to be learned from others in the lab. It's not just about knowing how to use the room, but about how to be engaged in the community of the labs. Just a few more tips and you can feel confident in the labs! 
1. Newbies, feel free to ask anyone in the room for help even between lab sessions. We especially enjoy giving "tours" of the room showing all the fun things that can be done in the labs like tossing gifts, doing actions, and the infamous "grey buttons". We want to help everyone's lab experience be positive and fun!

The grey button with the circular arrow makes your avatar spin.  The LOL button makes your avatar bounce up and down.  The two hands are for applause and make your avatar bounce less but more quickly.  The Smiley face makes your avatar's "aura" pink.  The single hand raises your hand on your avatar.  And the brb fades your avatar because you've set yourself as "away".  Clicking on the circles again will lower your hand and bring you back into the room.

2 -  Get to know other sellers! You can get great exposure by getting to know other sellers in these labs. Many sales have come through getting to know other sellers in the labs. Many friendships have started in labs, too.  Gifts are always nice!  If you click on the little red heart just below the chat bar you will see all the gifts that you can toss to others in the room. 

Simply click on the gift you like - then click on your avatar - hold down the mouse key and draw back (kind of like a slingshot) when you release the mouse key the gift flies!  If you only click on your avatar and release the gift moves slowly.

3 - Always try to be considerate and respectful of the other members in the labs. This makes the whole experience much more fun and sets a great learning atmosphere too. If a photo needs work it's ok to mention it, just don't say "That is UGLY!" or use other harsh criticisms. Critique the way in which YOU would like to be critiqued.

4. Please refrain from posting self promotional chat or item listing cards during the actual lab session. Your special sale can wait until after the session is done. It's NOT ok to broadcast a sale or free shipping etc during the lab session. Of course there will be times when it's appropriate - especially when the moderator asks for blog links etc. But a constant chatter that has nothing to do with the lab is distracting. You could lose sales due to the behavior.

After the session is over, there will still be people in the lab who are more than happy to see your items, give you feedback on your shop or just chat.

5. HAVE FUN!!! (Tomato fights are too fun to stay out of!)

Submitted by AuntKaren


  1. Great tips AuntKaren, we espcially like the last one! We've never tried the gift giving before but we're pretty well acquainted with the spin button ;)

  2. Karen,
    Thanks for sharing these important information.
    I still remember being newbie and lost.
    And there you were to help!