Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Meet Your New Committee!

By now you all should know that we have a fabulous new team of Etsians taking over our team leadership. Here we all are - Sara from BySaraLynn, Karen from AuntKarensCreations, Rose from SevenSails, Erika from UniquelyEJewelry, and Lori from GrayFlannelDesign!
Now just what do we all do? Well, many of us will be the blogging for the team. Rose is our Blog Coordinator with Lori, Sara, Erika, and Karen contributing. We'll even have guest bloggers on occasion! Karen is our new Membership Coordinator taking care of all the member organization behind the scenes. Rounding it out we have Sara as the Committee Head to organize us all together. We are looking for another Lab Rat that would love to join our committee and lead up a Twitter team to tweet from our team account about upcoming labs, new team members, useful links, and other team happenings. If you're interested, let us know here.

We're always looking for ideas and participation so feel free to contact any of us with questions or thoughts on how to make this team better! We're glad to be rolling again and so happy you've all been patient with us during this transition. 


  1. Cool! :) Can't wait to hang out with you guys...

    Hugs from sunny Hamburg,

  2. Hello new committee! Excellent job so far. :)