Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Introducing..... A Lab Rats Team Welcome To Our Newest Members!

Our team is growing and we cherish each member! Starting this month we will welcome our newest members by introducing them to the entire team. Here is our opportunity to meet our new teammates, make new friends and help one another in our endeavor to make our shops better.

Please welcome our new members!

Introducing .......
11m2 -

Her name is Gila-Saskia von Meissner-Fröhlich.  Her friends call her Gila.

Where is she?
Usually located at her wooden sewing table, within her tiny studio in her tiny apartment. Which happens to be located 10 minutes away from the Alster, the huge city lake in Hamburg, Germany.

She's been on Etsy (with a different user name) since July 2007.

She opened her shop in June 2010... after a forced delay due to a broken ankle.

When she's not creating for her shop she loves reading, on the weekends she's usually out with friends spending time on party boats or outdoor festivals. "But really, those are small islands in a life spent either sewing or craft-related internetting."

She would like to ask her new teammates: "What do you like most about Etsy and the Labs in particular?"

Introducing .......
BrieLeGrandFromage -

Her name is Brianne but she goes by Brie online.

Where is she? In Tallahassee, FL.

She's been on Etsy since Dec. 2009.

Her shop opened in May 2010.

When she's not creating for her shop she loves creating and testing new recipes to feature on her food blog - Le Grand Fromage.

Her question to her new teammates: " What are you doing to learn more about exposing your shop on Etsy?"


Her name is Amelia Sherwood.

She lives in Claremont, CA.

She joined Etsy in October 2006.

Her shop opened in October 2006.

When she's not creating she enjoys playing with her 6 dogs and 1 cat, baking, and just hanging out with the hubby. She's plum crazy about piggies!

Her question for her teammates is: "How long have you been a lab rat?"

Introducing .......
LauriesCustomCreate -

Her name is Lauren (Laurie) Magoon.

She lives in Dallas, PA (near the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton area).

She's been on Etsy Since May 2010.

Her shop opened in May 2010.

When she's not creating she's playing the piano, studying the Bible, sewing, quilting, playing with her nieces & nephews, spending time with her husband, reading, crocheting, knitting...too many things to list!

Her question to her teammates is "What is the very best way you've found to encourage sales?"

MyLittleGirlsCloset -

Her name is Katherine, but only if you're mad at me. Otherwise I'm Kathy.

She lives in My living room couch. In Oakland NJ. But I'm a displaced Canadian.

She's been on Etsy since April 2007.

She opened her shop in Mid-May. I have another one where I tried to find my etsyidentity. I found it now.

When she's not crafting she enjoys taking Photos, playing with the kids, watching movies, attending labs in the virtual labs.

Her question for her teammates is: "What's your favorite flavor of cupcake?"

hoganfe -

Her name is Mary.

She lives in Alaska.

She joined Etsy in August 2007.

She opened her shop in 2008.

When she's not creating she loves to read.

Her question for her teammates: "What is your favorite type of virtual lab?"


WaterRose -

Her name is Rose.

She lives in Phoenix, Arizona.

She's been on Etsy since October 2006.

She opened her shop in March 2008.

When she's not creating she loves to read and aspires to writing a book.  She's also a quilter...and will not tell anyone how many completed quilt tops she has that still need to be quilted!

Her question for her teammates: "What do you like best about being a Lab Rat?"

Welcome to the Lab Rats Team!  We look forward to getting to know each of you. Thank you for sharing a bit about yourselves.

Submitted by: Karen
Aunt Karen's Creations


  1. Welcome to all of you. Can't wait to sit next to you in the vlabs!

  2. yay! what a fun group! thanks for the introduction!

  3. Love the Introductions!!Welcome everyone!!

  4. Hi everybody *waves along with giggles*

  5. Thanks again for the over-friendly welcome! :) See yáll in the Labs next week!