Thursday, February 18, 2010

Spring Giveaway Feature Artist: jellybeans

Today, our mini-spotlight shines on the very talented and successfull, Angie of jellybeans!

Your name & shop(s) name(s).
Angie - shop name: Jellybeans
Whatis your craft and how long?
I paint - I've been doing it all my life since I could. But more recently, I have been selling on Etsy since 2007 - almost going on 3 years!

Esty is part time - I was lucky enough to do it full time during the summer. I'm a full time student studying Medical Radiation Technology - and I start my clinical placement (full time work without pay hehe) in January. I will do that for a year, and then I write my examinations and then I can work.

Etsy has been great - at first it was just to provide money for more art supplies, but now it's paying for my school and living costs, in addition to the supplies.
Where are you located, how do you enjoy spending free time?
I just moved to Orillia Ontario. Since it's winter, I enjoy snowboarding. In the summer I bike a lot. I read tons...and I paint in my free time. It's sort of coincidental: if I wasn't selling my paintings, I'd still be painting. It's a good thing really - because then I never view it as work

What is she giving away?
 Any 8x10 print - YOUR choice!


  1. What talent!

    I'd love to own one of her prints!


  2. One of my most favorite etsy shops that I have been keeping an eye on! Great to learn more about the person behind all the paintings I heart!