Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wishlist Wednesday - Elizabeth from elizabethnormand!

Happy Wednesday! This week our Wishlist Wednesday was picked by the lovely and talented Elizabeth from elizabethnormand.

"These adorable cards are from thecraftpantry. They are my very favorite Valentine's cards this year. I just love the vintage style and the pop of colorful hearts. I would love for my boy to show up on his bike with these heart balloons, but I'd be just as happy settling for these lovelies!

If you haven't been to
vintageconfection's shop, you haven't lived. Everything there is on my wishlist, but my current fave is the set of honey marshmallows. I mean, come on, honey, marshmallow, peanut butter... where could you go wrong?? I'll take an order of these pronto!

MissesBird's slim cuffs are a simple, beautiful way to send your message. Whether you're telling someone how much you care, telling a joke, or telling your favorite lyric, you can't deny that it would look positively perfect on this bracelet.

To go with those yummy marshmallows, I'd be so proud to own one of these monogram mugs from
BerdandBee. They are so classy, and would be an adorable holder for some delicious cocoa and, of course, the 'mallows.

Adorable, handmade, warm, comfy, eco friendly...
I MUST have these! The colors have me thinking of a rainy spring day... a glorious rainy spring day, when I can wear these little shoes in the house while I drink my cocoa from a monogram cup with honey/peanut butter marshmallows, while I wear my slim bracelet.. and read my love letter!

Seriously, these shoes look so cute and well made. I can't say no!"

Thank you so much Elizabeth from elizabethnormand. Have a fabulous week everyone!


  1. I -LOVE- these picks. Seriously, I want them all. Especially those shoes!

  2. Handmade shoes just make me drool

  3. Great picks! LOVE the slim cuffs and may have to get some when they are back in stock. :)

  4. Great choices! You have good taste!

  5. Awesome picks! And I love what you wrote to go along with each of them. Love the bracelets.