Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wishlist Wednesday - Bree from thecheekyprincess!

Hi Labrats :) Happy Wednesday!! 

Today's Wishlist Wednesday was picked by the fabulous Bree from thecheekyprincess.

"As a perputually pregnant momma, I'm always on the lookout for non-maternity pieces that will work before, during and after my pregnancy.  The Evolution Long Skirt is perfect because it's simple and has the perfect amount of stretch.  I could wear it as a maxi dress this spring, or a skirt under my belly this summer and even with boots after the baby in the fall!

I don't wear much jewelry as a busy mom with little ones around but rings are pretty harmless.  I love these puzzle rings!  They look like a great conversation starter and I bet they'd help me keep my 5 yr old busy at the doctors office!

I think I love this swim suit... can't you just see my giant baby belly peeking out from under this little number?  I probably won't be able to pull it off as a dress or with fire engine red heels but I just love the ruffles and could totally work it in some red flip flops!

So my house is a constant work in progress and with 4 little ones I'm always looking for fun ways to store all their toys and books and whatnots.  I have this empty space in my living room that NEEDS this colorful set of vintage suitcases!  One could store toys, another for books and crayons and I'd still have one left for my giant stash of magazines.

I. Love. This. Robe.  It just looks so chic, so sexy, so Hollywood!  It would be perfect for those hot summer mornings in Texas.  Uh that is of course before the kids wake up and bring my fantasy world to a grinding halt!"

Thank you so much Bree from thecheekyprincess. Have a great week everyone!!!


  1. You must be a very svelte pregnant woman. When I was pregnant (twice) I avoided bathing suits and anything stretchy or clingy. Because I was pregnant EVERYWHERE! Lovely picks. Pregnant or not. :)

  2. Great choices Bree! I love your eye!