Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wishlist Wednesday - Hollie May from ImFromTheWoods!

Hiya Rats! It's Lush Boutique with Wishlist Wednesday again. 

This week, Hollie May ImFromTheWoods picks out her faves:

"Ellemoss is one of my alltime fav photographers, and owns a definite haunting mystery. I am in love with beauty mixed with a little dark. This piece is stunning, enchanting and dark in all the right ways. I'd love this blown up and put on my bathroom wall, which to me is the most enchanting room in the home. At night, with dusk glowing in the window and the steam of the shower on the mirror. The thing I love about this photograph is that I never tire of looking at it. That's when you know a piece is right for you.

Not only is the photograph beautiful, but the outfit is to die for as well! I'm in love with ruffly, flowy tulle and would be happy if my wardrobe consisted only of dresses made of it. You just can't go wrong with the free princess look! What a great shop for getting inspired for great photographs though. I love girls in the grass, with an old book and top hat. Throw in some stripey tights and I'm obsessed. Ouma is proof that models in listings mean treasury and blog worthy photos...which lead to many sales :)

I am quite open and honest about my love and borderline obsession with Lady Gaga. A true visionary and trendsetter, she is! Let alone singer, dancer and person. I really love the rawness of this graffiti piece and would love it in my craft/studio corner. I really like the whole shop as well. I can tell the seller has great taste in music :D

Adore this genius bunting! How perfect? There's so many reasons why I love it. Playing cards are very mysterious and beautiful. They are old world, yet modern. Kings, Queens, red hearts and a little are just sexy, what can I say? This bunting is romantically whimsical. Perfect for a hearth or to hang right above a door frame. Notice the detail- "My heart belongs to you" has been embroidered on some of the cards!

I've had my eye on this shop and it's stalactite pieces for months now. I WILL be purchasing one of them at some point. They are elegant and yet edgy at the same time. Once again, the marriage I adore. The entire shop is wonderful, and is a great example of photographing jewelry in a very eye catching way."

Thanks again Hollie May ImFromTheWoods!!!! Have a fantastic week everyone!!


  1. The ellemoss photograph is just mesmerizing and I love the Mad Hatter outfit, too. Wonderful selections Hollie May!

  2. Wow! I really like your taste!
    What fun picks for an otherwise dreary Wednesday.

  3. awwwwwww hollie good picks! love em!