Thursday, November 12, 2009

Some Notes

Hello! Just a few quick notes for you all.

-Meeting tonight! 7:30pm (EST) Shop Critiques in the Sky Room. Come if you're able to - I'll try to get to as many shops as I can =)

-Challenge! We only have a few entries for the Team Challenge, so I wanted to remind/make sure everyone is aware. There are 9 days left to enter, here is where you can read up on/leave your entry. Great stuff, so far!

-News! The lovely, wonderful and talented lushboutique is now our 3rd team "captain" (I don't know what we're officially supposed to be), but she will be taking over Wish list Wednesdays from here on out. Yay! And thanks so much to everyone who has extended their services/help to me. I'm TERRIBLE at asking for help, so it's truly appreciated. I plan on adding another one or two leaders to the team to run other things, so just sit tight and keep your eyes peeled.

-Open a second shop? Great! Just let me know and I will add it to the group, no need to fill out the application again.

-Etsy Team Profile Update. We now have some stricter rules for applying and some more links to check out on our profile if you haven't seen them yet. I love when rats recommend others, just make sure they read through the profile page first!

Thanks and hope to see some of you tonight!


  1. Thanks for the reminders :) I'll go ahead and volunteer to help whenever you need it! So truly don't be afraid to ask.

    P.S. I love being a rat!

  2. Its been crazy being disconnected from the world for the last couple days...we just moved and didn't have internet right away!

    Hopefully its back up and running when I go home so that I can make it to our meeting! :)

    PLUS - we are doing our first craft fair this Saturday (Nov. 14th), so if anyone lives near Crystal Lake, IL and wants to stop by, we'd love it!

    Its located just off Route 31 in Crystal Lake, we’ll be at:
    The Fountains
    965 North Brighton Circle West
    Crystal Lake, IL 60012
    United States
    tel: 815-455-8400

    Dil from MilandDil

  3. I'll try to catch the meeting tonight, if this flu bug will allow me to be up and functioning still. blech!