Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wishlist Wednesday: Malarie of itsastitch/spookychandelier

Hey guys! I know it kind of seems like I am hogging the spotlight here, but we had some hiccups with today's original poster, I'm going to throw up my (current) top 5 favorite things from Etsy that I wish so badly I could buy.

Lately, I have had a real obsession with vintage shoes, and these Tan Oxford Platforms from mellowdayss are no exception. The would look adorable with a little jumper and tights, after a few sales, I'm pretty sure I'm going to snatch these up!

  So, I am a pretty big geek, as is my boyfriend. When I stumbled on these nom nom cat dishes my basic reaction was: DO WANT. All of gabizoidal's things are super cute, and I have loved her shop for quite sometime. I have two of these on my Christmas list!
I always feel kind of silly considering buying jewelry on Etsy, but there are so many different styles out there that I know I SHOULDN'T feel silly. paintedmetal has created these effing GORGEOUS relic stacking rings in mixed metals. I can imagine wearing these, pretty much, every day. With everything. Everywhere.

So, after hearing that carolhannah (designer on this season of Project Runway) was on Etsy, I, like any other semi-savvy watcher, searched for it. And her clothes are A-FREAKIN-DORABLE. It was pretty much love at first site when I saw her Bookstore Browing Dress. This has MALARIE written all over it, I would wear this with above shoes and rings and be the cutest in town.

Until Etsy, I never really thought about how I would decorate my wedding. I just assumed I would settle for things, because "my style" didn't exist. Well. HOLD THE PHONE. It does now. bunnywithatoolbelt totally understands how to design for someone a little more offbeat, her giraffe Bride and Groom cake toppers are so perfect for me, it hurts. I have them hearted, and everytime they sell, I go and re-heart the new listing. I hope she is still making them in a few years when I can actually buy them!


  1. Great picks! I didn't know that carol hannah was on etsy!! thanks so much for letting me know!!! hugs!

  2. Great list itsa! I can't wait to see those shoes you ordered. That's a cool cat bowl, too. It kinda rivals my fun pick for today. ;-)

    Blueberry - So's Louise Black! I actually included her in a treasury without realizing it was *her*. She commented - awesomeness!

  3. oh dear, I am totally in love with the "nom nom nom" dish and the stacking rings. Awesome!!

  4. Awesome picks! Now to look at Carol Hannah's shop

  5. Great picks!!! I love the rings and the giraffe bride and groom cake toppers:)