Monday, November 30, 2009

Mosaic Monday: Silver and Gold

It's the last day of November! Hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving and is revved up for the Holidays (I know I am)! I'm going to have some fun with themes this month, and each week will be inspired by a song. I'll kick things off with my Grandfather's favorite, Silver and Gold.

1) Let Go by Paperbullet
2) Grey and Mustard Ponytail Holders by zomoandbara
3) Gold and Peal Bird's Nest Ring by laurabailliedesigns
4) Blue Bird of Happiness by yarnabees
5) Dolce Silver Glitter Shoes from AgelessThings
6) The Casino Necklace by lushboutique
7) Grey Circles Notecard by EvenAndy
8) Gold Fusion Christmas Bow by Advancewing


  1. I can so hear Burl Ives singing that song as I look at this collection. I so want those shoes, but I would break my neck!

  2. love it!! we do have a great team ;)

  3. I read the title and the song instantly popped into my head! I bet it will stick with me all day long! :)

  4. So gorgeous! And I love that ring! But really, I just love rings in general. =P Such a talented team we have.

  5. One of my all time favorite Christmas shows!!
    Love Yukon Cornelius!!

    Awesome shoes #5

    AudreyGardenLady at etsy

  6. I agree that is a Christmas classic! Great collection!
    Hope everyone's holidays were superb!
    :) Dil from MilandDil