Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wishlist Wednesday -- Shelley from EvenAndy!

Hi everyone! LushBoutique here with another great Wishlist Wednesday list from one of our fabulous members.

Today's featured member is the fabulous Shelley of EvenAndy.

The first pick is from SimpleWoodenToys. "I think this is a great gift for a little girl or boy.  Since it made of genuine wood, it will last forever.  (I like that the owner is a grandpa who knows nothing about the internet.  I think that it is sweet that his kids sell his stuff for him). 

Her next pick is from fellow LabRat BabyEtte . "I have a 10 month old and slings are the greatest for doing everyday things with a baby.  I love BabyEtte's slings.  I think they are adorable!


I think this is a really cute bag.  I love that rainbowswirlz offers it in a variety of colors.

I think this is a creative use of photography to create name art.  Lovely and unique piece by artofwhimsyphoto.

I love jewelry.  I think that this is a cute vintage style piece by ghostlovejewelry.


  1. that train is TOO awesome. loving the photo, too. very nice things :)

  2. I love this wishlist! Can I adopt it!?

  3. Wow, you just made my week Shelley!
    I love all of your picks, the giraffe cracks me up!

  4. Thanks again allowing me to post a wish list:)