Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wishlist Wednesday - Alison from Glassali!

Hi Rats! Wednesday already?? LushBoutique here with another great Wishlist Wednesday list from one of our fabulous members.

Today's featured member is the fabulous Alison from Glassali.

Here is her selection of favorites, in no particular order.

"I absolutely adore these earring despite the fact that I have a sneaking suspicion that they are heavy and my earlobes would end up on my shoulders if I wore them for any length of time, I'd be willing to take that risk for these beauties.  Yes, that's me in the grocery store with the large earlobes.

I love the juxtaposition of an ancient craft, like pottery, and contemporary sensibilities.  And I love how smart that last sentence makes me sound even if it makes no sense at all.  Basically, I like this

if for no other reason than it's colorful.  And contemporary.

Kristin may be the first artist I stalked on Etsy.  Not in the weird way that the term "stalker" implies.  No, in a much more benevolent, "I want to make things like she does!" kind of way.  Which is still actually a little weird, I'll admit.  I make glass beads and I aspire to silversmithing, and she does both so well.

I don't think I even have to say anything about these.  I have absolutely no use for them, whatsoever.  My children are 11 and 13, it's nowhere near Halloween, and my house is cluttered.  So why do I have to use all my willpower to resist tapping that "Add to Cart" button when I see these guys?

I kind of love my Great Dane, Holy Moly, a lot.   And event though she's black, this pendant captures that Great Dane spirit so well:

All it's lacking is the drool."

Thank you Alison from Glassali!


  1. Oh my gosh! Such great picks! :)

    These are all wonderful. I love those earrings and those little monsters...and I absolutely agree with her comment. Man, great stuff all around! :)
    Hope everyone has a great holiday!
    DIL from MilandDil

  2. Gorgeous picks, great job Alison! I loveee that pottery piece- so beautiful. I just want to stare at it!

  3. Thanks for checking out my picks! There are so many great items on Etsy it's hard to decide! :)

  4. Great picks Alison! The bowl is cool and I too can imagine the drool.

  5. Gorgeous picks Alison.. thanks for getting back to me so quickly :)

  6. Wonderful picks! The colours on that ring are amazing!

  7. Fun to see what catches your eye! Love your witty comments! Good job Alison!

  8. I love all of this wishlist. Thank you, so much, for introducing me to these talented people and their crafts. And...what a great read! Good job.

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    Audrey Fetterhoff