Friday, December 11, 2009

Feature Friday - Welcome to New Members!

Hello! Allison from Allysattic here. This week, I thougt we'd do something a little new and welcome some of the newest members to our team.

And in no particular order, here they are:

bethanylorelle - From the shops profile information, "*bethany lorelle* specializes in fine, handmade fashion accessories. Since its founding in 2000, *bethany lorelle* has become known in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area for its popular headbands and hair accessories. In 2008, *bethany lorelle* expanded to boutiques around the country, as well as opening this shop on!"

gizecraft - gizecraft focuses on patchwork bags, and the shop's announcement reads that "Each bag is carefully designed by me using beautiful fabrics like popline, bombasine, felt, cotton, etc. Actually all fabrics are beautiful and when they are mixed together, they become really special."

Knitting4Ewe - Knitting4Ewe, as the name implies, centers on knitted goods. When talking about knitted goods, the shop's announcement reads that "There is nothing better than a soft, warm knit during the long winter months. Doesn't it seem to last forever? Scarves, cowls, hats,and gloves are a real comfort against the cold."

thecheekyprincess - This shop offers handsewn baby goods. In it you can find various baby-related goods such as slings and onsies, and other handcrafted items like crocheted wrist warmers!

mountaineercountry - mountaineercountry offers a mix of items from a woodern toy boat, handmade bath scrubbies, kaleidoscopes, and wood pens. The shop is "An eclectic mix of hand-knitted and crocheted, sewn, and hand-crafted wooden items inspired by the simple life of the Appalachian region."

Welcome to our new members! We look forward to getting to know you all.


  1. Welcome to all of you! Your shops look great. Good luck with holiday sales!

  2. Welcome to all the new members! Yay for new Rats!

  3. awww...thank you, thank you. You guys are so warm and inviting. I feel right at home. :)

    Shannon (MountaineerCountry)

  4. Welcome! This is such a great team to be a part of! :)

  5. Thanks guys! :0)gizecraft(portugal)

  6. Welcome to all the new members! hooray!


  7. I just wanted to send a belated SQUEAK out to all the newbies - welcome!