Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wishlist Wednesday - Toni from rctees

Hi everyone! Allysattic here with another great Wishlist Wednesday list from one of our fabulous members and also an announcement.

Jenni of lushboutique has graciously accepted the task of heading up the Wishlist Wednesday postings on the blog beginning next Wednesday. Malarie will still be going Mosaic Mondays, and I will still be doing Feature Fridays.

Onto the Wednesday Wishlist! Today's featured member is Toni of rctees.

Toni's first item is from another of our great members, 1022SeaShellAve. Toni writes that "I love anything “beach” so when I found 1022SeaShellAve I knew I had found a friend. Kim has amazing original, hand painted seashells. I am already the proud owner of one of her shells and now I have my eye on this beauty for my ’09 Christmas ornament, the Golden Sea, wall ornament." This beauty is titled "Golden Sea View (2) Authentic Hand Painted Sea Shell Art Decoration".

The second item on Toni's wishlist is from another one of our member shops, zwzzy. Thsi dress, titled "Gothic Black Vintage Sexy Olga Maxi Slip" caught her eye because "I love old fashion and Zwzzy has a great eye for truly amazing vintage. I would absolutely love to have this sexy black slip gown…but not half as much as my hubby would love it. – hehe Wonderful shop!!"

Toni's third wishlist item is something to help her work through the loss of "my friend of 10 years, my kitty Marcus. Searching pet portraits I found sharonlamb. Her work is unbelievable and her prices are very affordable."

This listing is titled "Commission Pet painting Life Like custom Pet Portrait Of Your Cat Dog Horse Bunny". What a great way to memoralize a beloved pet!

The next item on the list is this great vintage emerald ring offered by SmallsbySunny. This "18K Gold Vintage Emerald Ring" is on Toni's list because "I’m a big fan of the emerald and because this is a vintage setting, to me it is even more attractive." Toni's trying to "figure out how to share this “discretely” with hubby. Any ideas?? haha."  :)

And, last, but not least, is this fifth item on Toni's wishlist, a great handpainted mug by houseofharriet titled "Amsterdam cats - Big Handpainted Mug - Free shipping." Toni writes that "Being a lover of cats (and dogs) and also a coffee connoisseur, I’ve had my eye on this lovely since day one. Houseofharriet’s Amsterdam cats mug is something that I could treat myself with and not feel one ounce of guilt. I simply love it!!"

Thanks for yet another great Wishlist Wednesday! Have a great day everyone.

And, if I were to put together a wishlist of my own for this week, I could include this tote by Toni at rctees in my list:


  1. Aww, thanks so much Toni! :)
    Love that pet portrait idea! I've been thinking about doing that for my parents.... I better get on it for Xmas! hehe.

    oxox Jen

  2. Love your selections Toni, the sexy black slip gown is amazing, I'm sure ALL our husbands would like to see that under the tree. Thank you for including me in your found treasures, wonderful artists here!
    (your red peace bag is on my wish list :)