Monday, September 6, 2010

Mosaic Monday - Fall Beauties

Top Row - all rows, left to right

White Pearl Chain Necklace by justbecreative
Birch Tree Note Card Set by BirdcageCards
Darling Buds Sunburst Pendant by Flaurena

Middle Row

Fall Harvest Rosette Trio headband by SweetlyFallen
Wreath - Recycled Map Garden by LaAlicia
Travel Mug by PrettyNPreppy

Bottom Row

Necklace Treebark Chunky Stone Nugget by AgelessThings
Little Scout, Rustic Tea Light Candle Holders by Squier
Intentional Chaos by justbecreative

PS...Reminder for team members, don't forget to tag your shop items with LabRatsTeam so I/everyone can find you - Thanks!


  1. Such a lovely Mosaic Monday collection. I love it. Thank you so much for including our rustic tea light candle holders.

  2. Great items to celebrate the richness of fall! I love fall, my birthday season! :)

  3. Beautiful! Thank you for including me!