Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Life of an Item with Yarnabees

I have read many of the posts of Life of an Item and to see how organized everyone is makes me sigh, if only I was that organized. The life of my items all begin in my brain and pretty much stays there till I decide which one to let out. Don’t worry, the above picture is not my actual brain, though it might be a tad bigger. The way I go about creating an item is, sometimes if I see something cute, I take a picture of it and later decide if I am going to crochet it. I’ve also read books, seen a movie or something just catches my eye and moves me to crochet it.

I begin by choosing the color of the yarn that I will use, which I have plenty to choose from. Here is my wall of shame aka my stash, but this is not all my yarn. I have around another 20 or 30 skeins of yarn in my to go bags which I keep by the side of my bed, so when I go to bed, I take one with me so I can crochet a little before I go to sleep. I really try not to have too many WIPs (works in progress).

Once I choose my colors, I then sit in one of my two favorite places, my bed or the recliner and begin to crochet, I start with the body. I have been crocheting long enough to know that when I crochet X amount of stitches I will get the shape I need for a body. It is the same for the arms and legs which I then stuff everything with Cluster Fluff and sew the arms and legs onto the body. I like Cluster Fluff because it does not get lumpy like regular Poly Fill and it makes my stuffed creations nice and squishy. I like Squishy!

I then work on the head. That is where it all comes together. I so enjoy when I am finished with the head and sew it on the body just to see that cute face looking up at me, which always makes me say "hello there little fellow". I am in a house with four boys, that is counting my husband, so most of my items turn out to be a male. We do still have a daughter at home who has inspired my new baby dolls. Once I have finished my item I then take pictures, edit, and crop, crop, crop! I put all of my items in a big plastic bag that I got when I purchased a new comforter so they don’t collect dust as they wait to be adopted. At least they have company while they are waiting. So this is the life of my items, come by my shop and look around, you might just find a great new friend! ***Disclaimer: No brains were hurt will shooting this story.***