Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It's all about colour

Looking for a new colour for your name in the Virtual Labs and Etsy Chat? Sure, you can choose from among the little colour rectangles to use one of the standard shades, but there's no need to stop there - any of the hexadecimal colours can be yours!

My favourite source to see and pick colours shows the hex values, and you can change yours with the command /hex and your hex value, such as /hex 0000CD

When it comes to names of colours for Etsy tags though, Wikipedia has an impressive alphabetical list of names with swatches to help you decide if that Etsy item could be described as Cadmium Yellow or Canary Yellow, Puce or Raspberry Rose. Use with the other tagging options for Style, Size, Texture and Motifs and Patterns from the Tag-O-Rama list of descriptive keywords for accurate and evocative tags every time.


  1. Now the labs chat lane will be much more colorful! Thanks Jswrites!

  2. Hmmm, never knew about this, something else for us to play with next time were in the virtual labs ;) Thanks for sharing jswrites!