Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wishlist Wednesday -- Erika from UniquelyEJewelry!

Happy Wednesday my lovely rats!! Hope your week is going great!

Today's Wishlist Wednesday is picked by the lovely Erika from UniquelyEJewelry:

"I'm totally in a pink mood today. It must be the warmth of spring creeping into my lovely morning sunshine.

I seriously adore this dress from Ouma on Etsy. Growing up I was the epitome of a twirling skirts princess. This dress makes me want to dance the night away in my glass slippers embraced by my Prince Charming. (I really am married to my Prince Charming :) The femininity and grace of this dress is so stunning and photographed so elegantly.

These pinwheel bouquets are the most whimsical idea I have ever seen for a bridal party. I recently featured this photo in a treasury of mine and I keep coming back to it. Something about the idea makes me smile and think of fairytale weddings.

Last but not least is this stunning bouquet from Claycraft by DECO.... anyone who works with polymer clay will have a jaw dropping moment when they see this gorgeous bouquet. It's so rich in color and the flowers look completely real. Simply amazing."

Thank you so much  Erika from UniquelyEJewelry!

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  1. I love them all. That is clay? Seriously? Hm . . . one more reason the clay I bought last year is still in the little packets!