Thursday, March 17, 2011

Looking at an Etsy shop today I clicked on the listing for a necklace. I thought "Nice colours, and it looks like the sort of design and nice long length that such-and-such friend would like."

In the description, the seller used the word "long" to describe the necklace three times, but since there wasn't an image of the piece on a mannequin or a model, and she didn't actually say HOW long, I'm still left wondering. I know, I know, I could convo her to ask, but every extra step a buyer has to take gets in the way of a sale.

This seller is doing a lot right, and has respectable sales and feedback to prove it. But as a potential customer those nuts-and-bolts details are every bit as important to me as knowing her inspiration for the design.

The 20 Questions Your Buyers Are Asking article in Etsy's blog includes a handy checklist of things to think about when listing. After all, size isn't the only thing that matters!


  1. Really good opinion -thanks for remaining us how important every detail of description is!! Have a lovely day/Eva

  2. I love that article - 20 Questions Your Byers are Asking. I'm constantly tweaking to help eliminate questions.

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  3. I have had to convo sellers with questions and I have also walked away or well clicked away from buying something because all the important info wasn't there.