Saturday, January 1, 2011

Treasury Challenge: Kicking Off the Year

Winter Wonderland Confetti from Birdcage Cards
Welcome to our first treasury challenge for 2011! Share with us your New Year's related treasury showing off what the Lab Rats have to offer. Make sure to get your treasury in my the 7th and the top treasuries will go up for a vote. The winner gets to be featured in our Rat Spotlight! Now for the rules:
  1. Use at least 8 Lab Rat members. You can use our members list in the sidebar.
  2. Include "Treasury Challenge" in the title of your treasury
  3. Tag your treasury with "labratsteam"
  4. Tag your treasury with "labratchallenge"
  5. Tag your treasury with "happy new year"
  6. Link back to this post to encourage others to participate
  7. Leave a comment on this post with a link to your treasury for official entry
  8. Promote & have fun!
A few extra tips to make your treasury front page friendly - include a variety of items with a range of prices, don't include yourself, tag your treasuries, and keep in mind this month's merchandising notes. Head to the Treasury to get started or read up on how to make a treasury first. Either way - make the Lab Rats proud.


  1. here's mine,

  2. Here's my treasury:

    My New Year Wishes

  3. Enoy my treasury!
    Happy new year/ Eva

  4. mine

  5. My treasury:

  6. My TREASURY include 8 undiscovered shops, show them some love:)