Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Valentine's Gift Show

1. Hearts A Flutter 3D Hearts Linen Fabric Bin Organizer by HoganFe
2. Windswept Love 10x10 Original Acrylic Painting by Squier
3. Crochet Love Note by Giggles
4. With Love Earrings in Oxidized Brass by itsastitch

The Lab Rats will be hosting a gift show for Valentine's Day in the Virtual Labs! This is similar to our annual Holiday Trunk show, but on a slightly smaller scale and more focused in theme. This event will be one night on January 25th at 6pm EST. Anyone can attend, but only team members can present. If you're interested in being featured during this event read more and sign up here.

Edit: I'm sorry to say this event has been cancelled due to lack of participation from sellers. We may decide to hold an event like this in the future if there is interest.


  1. I'm interested in the Valentine's gift show. What do I have to do?


  2. You can read more and sign up at this link

  3. I tried to visit the link to read more, but it said the form is turned off?

    And that is an awesome acrylic painting posted up there. :)