Saturday, October 2, 2010

October Treasury Challenge

Fangs Necklace by itsastitch
It's October! To me, it's obvious that we just have to do a Halloween treasury so that's just what it's going to be. Give us your best whether it's all ghosts and goblins or just a bit eerie. Make sure you follow the rules though:
  1. Use at least 8 Lab Rat members. You can use our members list in the sidebar.
  2. Include "Treasury Challenge" in the title of your treasury
  3. Tag your treasury with "labratsteam"
  4. Tag your treasury with "labratchallenge"
  5. Tag your treasury with "halloween"
  6. Link back to this post to encourage others to participate
  7. Leave a comment on this post with a link to your treasury for official entry
  8. Promote! 
Your judges this time around will be Molly from MollysMuses and Laurie from LauriesCustomCreate. Get your entry in by the end of Friday October 8th and our judges will pick the finalists. Popular vote selects the winner and the winner gets to be featured in our Rat Spotlight. Good deal, huh? Make the Lab Rats proud - head to the Treasury or take a peek at how to make a treasury first. Don't include your own items, but make sure you have fun!


  1. Here we go! Enjoy!


    there is mine

  3. My entry :)

  4. This is my treasury

  5. Heres my entry

  6. I love halloween, so I had so much fun looking through all the labrats shops to find some goodies! Here's my entry

  7. ..found alot of nice, beautiful black and interesting items!!

  8. Hi. I am rosey of roseysdolltreasures on etsy. I just took the challenge. It sure was a HOOT.

  9. My first treasury as a labrat!

    my treasury challenge.