Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Life of an Item with 2nd Coming

Hello my fellow labrats! I'm so honored to have been selected for "The life of an item" series.

I've chosen to discuss my "(Frida Kahlo is) Strongly Vaginal" print. It all started one night while I was watching the Big Lebowski with my husband, the infamous scene came on screen where Maude Lebowski is explaining her art to Jeff "The Dude" Lebowski:


I found the scene to be hysterical, yet poignant and it really resonated with me. I identified with idea of creating art from a definite female perspective (strongly vaginal), much like Maude but I found it to be ridiculous how seriously she was taking herself and her art.

That planted the seed in my brain to create a piece that speaks about the idea of "strongly vaginal" art but captured the humor of the scene AND my body of work in general.

So I carried that little seed around for awhile until one day Frida Kahlo randomly popped into my head. I thought to myself, "Frida is the poster child for strongly vaginal art!" But I was worried about how to successfully integrate the two concepts, stay true to my sensibility and not create hackneyed Frida Kahlo art.

During this time I was also really interested in hand drawn typography, so I tried to figure out how to incorporate the words "strongly vaginal" with an image of Frida. Soon, I started thinking about her signature eyebrows and the rest is history :)


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