Monday, August 24, 2009

Wishlist Wednesday: Fresh Picks from funkisockmunki

Hi all! So, on Monday when things in the Virtual Labs was kinda slow, a bunch of us rats got together and came up with Wishlist Wednesdays, which will fit in nicely with our Mosaic Mondays and Feature Fridays!

itsastitch and I will be taking turns contacting a random member from our membership list and asking them "If they had unlimited funds and/or could buy any five items they wanted from any seller or sellers on Etsy, what would it be and why?"

The first randomly chosen member is funkisockmunki, who graciously gave me her picks within three hours of being chosen! (We don't expect you all to be that fast). :)

funkisockmunki's first pick (1) is this adorable little animal made by fernanimals. This little critter is named "July No. 6". funkisockmunki says that this little guy would have a great deal of fun playing with all her other little critters in her studio!

The second item (2) on the list is "Handspun Alpaca Yarn in Chocolate Covered Cherry" by BARBARAPAIGEKNITS. Being a fan of anything to do with chocolate myself, I can see, as funkisockmunki mentions, that this yarn would make a beautiful knitted fall scarf!

funkisockmunki, admitting that she is addicted to knitting, put "Barack Obama handspun beaded yarn" as the third item (3) on her wish list, by coolclimates. funkisockmunki says that this yarn would make a stunning fall hat or scarf, and I agree!

(4) is an adorable blowfish tiki mug by RumDemon. Apparently, the mug reminds her of her recent trip to Maui!

Combining her interest in wearing jewelry that is a bit unusual with being somewhat allergic to metals, funkosockmunki placed "Tropical Waters Nodule Bracelet" as her fifth (5) and final pick. This bracelet, made by Gooseflesh.


  1. Love the Blowfish Mug!

  2. Love the idea and love the colors of the yarn :)


  3. I love the little critter! :) So cute! Great selection :)


  4. Gooseflesh has an etsy shop? I just discovered her awesomeness on Flickr. Nice pics!

  5. love the chocolate covered cherries with wine yarn! my favourite colours all in one ball or yarn :)

  6. I would have to put (2) on my wishlist too! I love the colors. I would have to teach myself to crochet or something! Plus, the fact that is alpaca makes me smile, because Alpacas are such amazingly wierd animals to me!

  7. Love the yarns! Wish I had the patience to knit now.

  8. i love the alpaca yarn! so gorgeous!

  9. I found Gooseflesh via her Flickr stream also. She emits a constant stream of incredible stuff. The seaforms and detritus block prints of hers are also quite charming. :-)

    Sara - you could get a pair of those giant #19 size knitting needles, and some chunky yarn, and the knitting would breeze by. No patience needed!

  10. Thanks for featuring my Barack Obama yarn! I am flattered!