Sunday, April 3, 2011

2011 Style Inspiring Muses for This Year’s Crafts

Crafting in General
For this year I put on my thinking cap and came up with a plethora of crafts in demand. The demand for eco-minded craft supplies like naturally-sourced woods, recycled resin and metal, beeswax, and affordable natural and organic fabrics (in bold colors and prints - of course!) will increase in 2011.

Colors from nature will be the trendiest shades in 2011. This includes bright jewel tones like honeysuckle pink, rich yellow, fuchsia, deep red, plum purple, teal, and earthy tones like grey, dusty browns, natural greens and blues.

If we were to have a 2011 runway show, fabric combinations like lace and flannel would adorn the models, as well as shorter hemlines, lots of layers, and clothing with advanced details like creative and structural pleating, smocking, pleasant finishes and detailed embellishments. The top fashion style of 2011 is one that mixes the 1940’s and 1970’s with modern finishes and techniques!

2011 look books will include more symmetrical designs and vintage patterns. The types of fabrics crafters want to work with the most include comfort fabrics, high contrast prints and stretch knits.

In the world of jewelry making, material imitations using clay, fused plastic and resin are predicted to be popular in 2011. We may also see the millefiore technique making a comeback! 

Sewing, Embroidery and Quilting
In 2011, newer techniques like stitching on mixed media and free form stitching will grow in popularity as advanced needlework artisans look to take their craft to the next level. Embroiderers will take advantage of more in-the-hoop designs and a spike in the creation and use of vintage embroidery transfers. Quilters will increase the use of non-traditional embellishments and will leave us in awe with detailed art quilts, a popular activity especially amongst hip crafters.
Knitting and Crochet
In 2011, the types of yarn knit and crochet artisans will prefer are super soft acrylics, wool and natural yarns. Crochet techniques, such as using a double-ended hook and crochet-cables, will be trendy. Cabled knits are predicted to be a hot knitting technique in 2011.

Using layers, ephemera and inking edges to give paper and embellishments an aged and antique look is a hot trend that’ll continue in 2011. I foresee a strong growth in the creation and use of digital scrapbooking image sheets.

Fondant and decorating gels will take the cake in 2011, so to speak, for cookie, cupcake and cake decorators. Decorators will continue to advance their craft by producing highly realistic details and representations out of edible products. On the cooking side of things, the demand for locally grown food, gluten-free food and organic food and the adoption of cooking with fresh, seasonal foods will all lead to healthier crafters in 2011.

Personalized, one of a kind items will be the go-to gifts for crafters to make family and friends in 2011. Accessories for gadgets like cameras, phones, MP3 players, iPads, Android Tablets and Kindles are popular gifts for the tech-savvy crowd. For the practical crafter, reusable gifts such as quilts and small wearables like scarves, wrist warmers and hats are sensible gift options that can last a lifetime.
For the advanced crafter, giving a gift basket with handmade goodies like washcloths, potholders, cleaning supplies, food, candles, soaps, and beauty supplies is an enjoyable gift that is met with open arms. 

Sorry I couldn't fit more items in this blog, but it was so long as in is. I hope everyone learns something from my guest blog and contact me if you would like ~ ChelseaRainbow/Jacqueline Gikow

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  1. Speaking of colors from nature, I just ran across this project where an artist named tattfoo made a chart of food colors and turned it into a fun placemat.