Friday, May 6, 2011


Its that time again to introduce our new members. 

I am sure we have already met them in the labs but I would like to take this time to officially introduce them to the rest of the rats and I hope you all welcome them with open arms and lots of virtual hugs.

Drum roll please...................... here's our April members

newhopebeadingWhat is your given name?
Personalized Silver Initial Necklace PMC Handstamped Fine Silver One Artisan MonogramCaroline Magda

What made you want to start an Etsy shop?
Well, actually  I tell the story in my Etsy profile so if folks would like, pop over there to read it :) 

Which item in your shop is your favorite? 
Oh no so hard to decide... so I will give you 3 :
1) my family tree because it seems to make so many people happy
3) and this necklace ... well because I just like swirls! 

Where does your shop name originate from? 
See question #2 LOL

Spring and Summer Scarf Handknit from Handspun  Fair Trade Eco Friendly Renewable Resource Vegan Banana Fibre Fiber in Teal by ImpossiblyAlice
What is your given name?
My name is Sheryl 

What made you want to start an Etsy shop?
Simply discovering etsy made me want to start my shop. After I found it, I needed to be a part of it!

Which item in your shop is your favorite?
Since we're so close to summer, I really love my summer scarves. One reason is because it was a challenge to create a scarf that is beautiful and also lightweight to wear with summer clothes. The other reason is because they are made with banana fibre which is a completely renewable resource and it was handspun in a fair trade women's co-op. It is both eco and globally conscious!

Where does your shop name originate from?
I started the idea for this shop last spring when my toddler was still a baby and I wanted it to be tribute to her. Her name is Alice so that part is obvious. Alice in wonderland also came out last year and I've always loved the quote about believing 6 impossible things before breakfast and I want her to grow up believing that she can do or be anything so the name came from that. 

Welcome to the team and we hope to see you in the lab soon.

Squeak Squeak!



Sorry about the lateness of this post but I have had some major computer problems this week and have only just got back online.

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  1. Ah thanks so much for posting my shop! And now I finally know why Impossibly Alice's name is not Alice :)