Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Life of an Item with TreeandSap

I am very excited to introduce you to the shop of Tree and Sapling, named after my husband who is 6'7" (Tree) and myself who is 5' (Sapling). Our shop is inspired by mine and my husband's need of products that are skin quenchingly good and deliciously scented! Trying to decide what products to do wasn't as easy as coming up with our shop's name. Loving everything beautiful and unique, I was indecisive and couldn't settle on an inspiration for our very first product.....

So... through my indecisiveness of what to start with, my husband had the idea to create a shave item that could help protect his skin from shave burn and the rawness caused by wearing a collared shirt and tie every day to work. Mix this with the scorching heat of Arizona, the standard shaving products currently on the market left his skin feeling sensitive and more prone to getting burned by the sun.

After researching ingredients and adding everything to my shopping cart, looking at the total, and then taking everything out of the cart again, I settled on a cosmetic base that has lots of lush ingredients and room for me to add some of my own.

I now spend lots of time mixing, measuring, and smelling to get everything just right and usually use all the bowls, spatulas, and measuring cups belonging to Tree and Sap until the sink is overflowing and I am happy with the outcome. I then assign my husband to dish duty so I can start all over again with another product!

Photographing the products and capturing the perfect snap is second best to trying the product out when it is first created. What could be better than always having a cabinet full of fun filled products!

Stop by Tree and Sap's for your next shave jellies, soaps, whipped soaps, salt scrubs, or sugar scrubs with more to come!


  1. Congratulations on your new shop and I hope you are successful. I love the story

  2. What a charming story around yummy-looking products!

  3. I think your label is so cute.

  4. Yes - I too like your labeling - very nice to read about you and your shop!

  5. I love the products and the shop owner from Tree and Sap, she has some amazing items and I love her creativity.