Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Blog Buttons, Tutorials and more!

Hello team! Hope you all are enjoying warm weather and left over Easter candy.

First things first, we need a blog button! I'm going to turn that over to you guys to create. I'll make a little contest of it, the winning creator of our blog button will get a feature on Facebook and an extended spotlight on the sidebar of our blog! The guidelines for creating our button:
  • It should be relevant to "Lab Rats", whether it feature rats, science or the virtual labs - whatever the name means to you.
  • It should be 200 pixels wide, and 150-200 tall.
  • It needs to be turned in by Saturday, May 1st.
  • To turn it in, leave a link to the photo in the comments section of THIS entry. I recommend uploading it to flickr or, if you don't have a flickr account, imgur.
Other than that, be creative and have fun! Once we have all the entries, we'll do a member poll to pick the winning design!

 Moving right along, I'd just like to let people know our little tags and stuff, in case you were new or not sure.

On etsy, use the tag labratsteam on a few items to be seen. I will tell you right now that I when I look for photos to feature on the blog, I search those pages!

On twitter, if you want the team to see something, use the hash tag #sqk. Stick it at the end of a tweet and we can find it!

And lastly, tutorials! If you can make something totally awesome, or feel like you are an absolute EXPERT on something (photos, utilizing social networking, how to approach blogs/boutiques, etc.) send itsastitch a conversation with your idea and we will work out the details!

You guys rock, keep making those treasuries and being awesome! Stay tuned for the next few weeks, we'll be announcing our SUMMER challenge and our next virtual  lab meeting.

Can't wait to see those blog buttons :-)

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