Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Coming Soon to the RSS feed near you!

The Labrats Etsy team blog is getting a much needed overhaul; think Extreme Makeover Blog Edition!

The team of blog superheroes includes Malarie from Itsastitch, Jen from SimplyInvitingCards, Lori from GrayFlannelDesign, Rose from SevenSails, and Erika from UniquelyEJewelry! They’ll be bringing you a dynamic new blog packed with loads of information on everything from running your Etsy shop to baking cookies.

So mark your calendars for these awesome posts headed your way. FYI, be prepared for total awesomeness.

Wednesday July 21st- New Blog Reveal!!! “Lab Etiquette” with Karen from AuntKarensCreations! Stop on by and check out great info on how to attend the Etsy Virtual Labs; dos and don’ts, tips and tricks, and need to know goodness for virtual lab newbies!

Wednesday June 2nd- Guest Appearance!!! Just to keep the anticipation up and keep things interesting we’re not going to tell you who’s writing up a fantastic post until a bit later, but we’ll give you a hint…. Think Etsy admin superstar.

Thursday June 3rd- “Ask-A-Rat” with Rose! Come check out the launch of this brand new weekly feature answering all of your frequently asked questions about running a shop on Etsy, taking excellent product photographs, using twitter and other social media, and much more. Submit your questions here! Rat FAQ's

Friday June 4th- “Feature Friday” returns! Erika will be heading up this old favorite every other Friday featuring Labrats team members and their amazing shops. Come check out fresh questions and amazingly talented team members!

June 7th-Mosaic Monday” returns! Lori will be coordinating this rat favorite feature every Monday selecting themes and picking items from team member’s shops! Remember to tag items in your shop with the tag “labrats team” to make sure you’re found by her. Watch for awesome themes and fun ideas every Monday!

Tuesday June 8th- “Search Engine Optimization” (SEO) with Jen! Get a boat load of information on optimizing your shop for Google and other search engines. Be in-the-know and boost your page rank, increase traffic to your shop, and, hopefully, boost your sales!

I think that about sums up the first 7 days of the nipped and tucked new blog! Are you excited yet? You should be….squeak!